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Name:  Kyle
Birthday:  05/10/88
Hometown:  Santa Rosa the 707
Ambitions:  Self made success
Turn ons:  eyes and awkward laughs
Turn offs:  I don't discriminate
Love of my life?  What's your name?
Favorite Party Spot:  Dirty Bird
How Much is Enough?:  There's never enough
Dream gig?  Pornstar
TV Addictions:  Dexter
Words to Live By:  Perfection is unatainable, but if you chase perfection you can catch excellence.
Favorite Drink to Drink:  Jameson and Ginger
Most Hated Drink to Drink:  Like I said, I don't discriminate.
Favorite Drink to Make:  Long Island
Most Hated Drink to Make:  Mudslide